Coco Privé Private Island Maldives - Bespoke Silk Scarf, 2016

Coco Privé Private Island Maldives - Bespoke Silk Scarf, 2016

2016 ended with an exciting collaboration with Coco Privé Private Island Maldives, and involved gaining a deep understanding of the Coco Privé brand, to create an idyllic Maldivian artwork that aligned with the culture and vibe of the island, complete with the full production of a 40" bespoke 100% silk scarf for a high net-worth and exclusive clientele. Additionally, the team designed and produced a luxury corporate gift box with a velvet inlay and leather finish to contain the scarf.

A Collaborative Corporate Project, 2016.

Oevaali Art Shop engages in production projects aligned with our vision; within the team as well as with collaborating companies, throughout the year. Our suppliers are carefully selected for their reliability, quality and workmanship, and are a natural extension to our core team within the Oevaali Art Shop. 

This diverse and expert team gives us a unique ability to deliver a full suite of services: from collaboration, ideation, creation, to full production, to assembly and packaging, and finally delivery.

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