Why hello there, Izza!

Why hello there, Izza!

Izza Moosa (16, Maldivian) is new to the Oevaali Art Shop family, and we can't wait to bring her gorgeous mandala art to life on our upcoming products! This young woman is just too good at what she does!


Drawing Mandalas soon became a way for me to find a peace of mind. It became a little hobby that I had found!

I started drawing Mandalas at the age of 12. I had seen work of many artists on social media which inspired me to start drawing my own.

Ever since the age of 10, I have always loved patterns. If I had a choice, I'd always choose something with a pattern, whether it was clothes or notebooks.

When I discovered Mandalas, I loved the idea of creating my own patterns.

Whenever I had free time, I'd choose to use that time to improve my mandala artworks. I would look at Mandalas I loved and try to replicate them, figure them out. Once I got the hang of it, I drew my own on almost all the blank sheets of paper that I could get my hands on!

To have my own artwork on Oevaali Art Shop's Island Collectbooks is a dream come true! I am so appreciative for the opportunity to work with this team!

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