'Velaa' (Turtle), 2015

"T his project, and this painting means a lot to me, and our artists in many ways - negativity for the homeland builds for all of us as things get worse politically and socially, and this collection, a constant work in progress, reminds us day in and out, how beautiful and special Maldives truly is. On a lighter note, for a solely pencil / charcoals artist until 'Velaa', this was, influenced by my sister’s art, my first work (of hopefully many) of colour - I now find acrylics one of my absolute favourite mediums to work with!"
- via the Artist, Raniya Ahmed Mansoor


Inspired by Jordi Chia's "Turtle Gem". 23.39" x 33.11" gallery wrapped canvas finished with a protective matte varnish and ready to hang. Currently lives at Nolhi Escape, Maldives.