Soy Candles

Artisanal Maldivian-made candles crafted with 100% natural soy wax and carefully selected premium oils, hand-poured in small batches at the Oevaali Art Shop studio and atelier. These rustic candles will infuse your senses and take you back to an uplifting Maldivian calm.

Botanical Nectar Soy Candle from $25.00
'Salt' Aqua & Coastal Wood Soy Candle Sold Out
Lily Berry Soy Candle Sold Out
Melon Driftwood Soy Candle from $25.00
No. 01 Soy Candle from $25.00
No. 01 Room Spray Sold Out
'Salt' Aqua & Coastal Wood Room Spray Sold Out
White Sage Room Spray Sold Out
'Spa Day' Lavender Room Spray $18.90
Bamboo Orchid Soy Candle Sold Out
Coconut Peach Soy Candle from $25.00
Ginger Bamboo Soy Candle from $25.00
'Balmy Nights' Amber Sandalwood Soy Candle from $25.00
French Vanilla Soy Candle Sold Out
'Spa Day' Lavender Soy Candle from $25.00
White Sage Soy Candle Sold Out