Izza Moosa

Izza started experimenting with Mandala drawing at the age of 12, seeing gorgeous prints and artworks on social media. As a young girl, she loved patterns and was fascinated by the idea of creating her own. Very quickly, Mandalas became a way for Izza to achieve piece of mind, and was fast becoming her favourite hobby. She started out by studying and replicating Mandala artists across the world to understand how it worked, and all connected back. Once she got the hang of it, Izza was drawing and doodling Mandalas on any piece of scrap paper she could find!

Izza visited Oevaali Art Shop first in 2016, and at 17 years old, we were proud to feature some of her work on our shop. We're excited to feature our collaborations and Izza's updates here. For inquiries about Izza Moosa's portfolio, please email partners@oevaali.com.