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Raniya Mansoor
Raniya Mansoor, co-founder of Oevaali Art Shop, is an exhibiting curator, artist and designer. She enjoys fluid styles and mediums, pairing that with a minimalist and structured finish. Raniya is passionate about creating art and design that is bold but simple, and meaningfully connected to the life, scenery, culture, history and indigenous heritage of the Maldivian islands.

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Recent Work

Making of 'The Mavi' Wood & Resin Tray

Designed and created in a blend of most perfect shades of blue, The Mavi Wood & Resin Trays explore a bold ocean color palette in Japanese-style dark wood trays.

1080p HD watch recommended for fine details to appear.

Making of 'The Delphian' Wood & Resin Tray

'The Delphian' tray carries a mystical and enigmatic palette of obsidian blacks, graphite shadows & earthy copper. Crafted in blackened wood trays for a suave & sophisticated finish.

1080p HD watch recommended for fine details to appear.